Many products are available to assist in creation of web sites. But too many of them place unnecessary restrictions on providers: they only work with certain hardware, operating systems, databases, etc. Sometimes it seems as if vendors are more interested in increasing their market share than they are in providing the best products. At , we are not concerned with restrictions and proprietary solutions. We are happy to work with anyone who can help to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. For this reason, most software is licensed with source code, and our clients have the right to change or improve the software however they see fit, and even to resell it for a profit! All we ask is that they give proper credit to the authors, and that they extend the same rights to the source code to their clients. Sometimes, our clients enhance our products and share the enhancements with others. It’s all about cooperation and openness: the true power behind the pages. We make our living by empowering our clients, not by making them dependent on proprietary solutions.


System Administration

  • Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows servers, Oracle & MySQL Database Administration

System Administration

  • Untangle Firewalls
  • Apache Web Servers
  • Microsoft  Servers
  • Sendmail and Exim Servers, Spamassassin


  • Mobile app development for iOs and Android
  • PHP / MySQL, Perl, JavaScript, SQL database integration on Microsoft, Linux, and SUN servers
  • Custom WordPress templates and modules
  • Custom Joomla and Drupal templates, components, plugins and modules
  • Kunena forum customization
  • Custom FaceBook applications
  • OSCommerce installation and customization
  • Fill-out PDF form development


  • User interface design, web page creation and editing using rich content applications such as Photoshop, Flash , CSS, HTML


  • Individual and group training on a wide variety of PC software, Linux, Unix